Thursday, October 8, 2015

Suli Gives a New perspective on Education

I believe that Suli Break's video is the correct message that should be provided to today's youth. Just because people get poor grades or aren't able to complete their time in school, does not mean that someone isn't intelligent. A number or letter should not determine how smart a person is. A mother, Father, or guardian is forced to lie to their child when they ask " why do I have to take a test on this if I will never use it again? Have you ever used this?" And the parents will respond with a yes whether or not they have ever used it simply because they don't know either. These grades, numbers of nothingness are pushing kids to thinking they aren't good enough if they don't get a high enough grade. These grades are also something that colleges will see. These numbers, are determining our future. That's why I think Suli's video is an accurate perspective on education. kids love education but not school because grades that shouldn't be allowed to decide our intelligence and future.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Parents and Children Conflict of Hitler Youth

Many types of conflicts existed between parent and the children of Hitler Youth. Parents at this time had close to no control over there own children. They were being taught in school about Hitler whether or not the parents supported it. Most of the time children had more power over their parents. At school the children were taught to turn in their parents if they were not supportive of Hitler and the Nazis.
On the other hand children also had a difficult conflict with their parents that was that they were being told one thing by their teachers and a completely different thing at home. This can be very conflicting for a kid to be told two very different opinions and have to choose one.
Those were some conflicts that parents and children experienced during the time of Hitler Youth.